Who we are

Medijuana had it’s humble beginning at our Gorge Road Location, where the owner lived and breathed his dream to life. Since then, it has grown to include an outstanding team of more than thirty educated and empathic individuals who share a single focus on serving our daily customers. With so many dispensaries opening up to fill the demand for cannabis, there seems to be an absence of truth and comfort in this ever-expanding commercialized industry. Recognizing this need was the spark that led to the creation of Medijuana, and it’s the reason we strive to employ some of the kindest, most hardworking people on Vancouver Island; we want to make true difference. We strive to bring our patients only the best medicine, recommendations, and emotional support. A listening ear makes a world of a difference; we want to hear you and help you discover the path to a life of reduced suffering. Visit any of our three locations and meet the team: we’re looking forward to seeing you!